About Me


My name is Whittington, I am a Software Developer based in New york. I am a builder at heart, I'm always looking to build something to solve problems, which is why I naturally found my way to programming and I love it. Never before has a single person had so much power to create things and solve problems in such a reasonable time frame.


I was born in La Grange, Guyana. Growing up I was poor and didn't have access to computers, but I was always fascinated by technology, I would constantly be taking apart my toys and using the parts to build my contraptions. So when I moved to america to go to school, I did my best to learn everything I could about computers and electronics. This interest led to my robotics hobby that helped me pass the time in the Army, then I eventually got into programming with C for my robotics projects, which led me to explore other programming languages and helped me to delelop my love for programming.

Military Service

I spent 3 years in the Army as a Satellite Communications Equipment engineer. This involved setting up and configuring networking equipment and servers. The exposure to commerical networking equipment and server configurations gave me the confidence I needed to persue a career in the tech industry.

My goals

Currently, my biggest goal is to start working at a company as a developer so that I can learn from more experienced developers. Eventually I want to work my way up to a senior role so that I can help other developers grow. I also have plans to later persue a career in computer vision.